Welcome to knowledge, the detailed answers you have been searching for. Here is the ultimate concert and music festival promotions and production books. The Original, most comprehensive book available on HOW NOT TO PROMOTE CONCERTS AND MUSIC FESTIVALS releases the completely revised - New 18th Edition, now 425 pages, packed with facts, advice, contacts, diagrams and step-by-step instructions on promoting and producing concerts and music festivals. How to put the entire event together from start to settlement and what not to do!. Forget other books.


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These are the only complete books on the business of concert and music festivals written by an active concert and festival promoter with 4 decades of intense experience.
Find more in these books than in all other books and courses combined! Used by Concert and Music Festival Promoters all over the world, it’s regarded as the Bible of Concert and Music Festival planning, promotions and production and is the best seller in the concert and festival industry since 2000. Since then, additions and updates are made annually.
Gain a tactical advantage over other promoters by working from a manual based on 4 decades of direct, battle hardened experience by a legendary promoter, Hal Davidson who started promoting concerts at age 20 and promoted one of America’s biggest music festivals at 21! He’s still promoting and consulting on concerts and music festivals today, upgrading the books annually to reflect the ever-changing concert business and music festival business. These books are the world’s best guides!
  The book is off the charts excellent! Full of insight and experience that one only gets with years of doing it. I want to get an extra copy!  Terry, California Fest Promoter.
This huge book is divided into 2 sections, concerts and music festivals, each alone worth the one discounted price. The 25 forms CD are the promoter’s most important word and excel documents ready to use, also provided in print!
Emphasizing marketing, event production, ticketing, planning and business set-up, these books also teach you the numbers of the business and include easy-to-understand, actual cost and revenue sheets from real events. Every cost center is explained in detail. This information in total is not available anywhere else, giving you the best chance at succeeding in the difficult concert and festival business, an industry filled with pitfalls you need to be aware of and act on. Learn what to do and what not to do. Other cheap books provide just enough information to mislead you.
Whether promoting a concert, music festival, fair, benefit, non-profit or profit event, these books are must-have references for your promoting toolbox. Thousands of satisfied Promoters around the world have told us how instrumental these books were in helping them make their events successful. Read their grateful testimonials.
ISBN 978-0-615-38033-9
4 Decades Promoting Experience.
The most comprehensive concert and music festival business manual of its kind.
This huge step-by-step manual explains the complete process of planning, promoting and producing both concerts and music festivals, applicable to any kind of festival. This amazing guide is full of insider advice, promoter tips, instructions, procedures, proven methods, industry standards, best practices, forms, lists, web links, contacts, phone numbers, concert and music festival business plans, executive summaries, one sheet overviews, investor proposals, vendor packets, sponsor letters and proposals, contracts, scripts, press releases, diagrams, itemized cost sheets, industry facts and much more . . .
How to plan media schedules and advertising budgets, how to negotiate, buy and produce radio and TV spots, newspaper and magazines ads, billboards, public relations, promotions and web marketing techniques integrating email blasts, e-releases, social networks, mobile and viral marketing. Learn how to communicate professionally!
How to negotiate talent buys, contract indoor venues and outdoor sites, site production details, stage, sound and lights production, plan and budget security, ticketing options, box office operations and concert & festival operations. You'll reference a complete concert vocabulary... and read about promoter’s inside advice steering you away from the typical mistakes and misjudgments made by promoters.
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HOW TO PROMOTE CONCERTS Simplified 174 PAGES! from clubs to stadiums, this professional instructional manual contains everything you need to know to promote concerts. (Detailed festival promotion information found in the bigger book is not included. You only need the bigger book if you want even more detailed information for events bigger than 1 night concerts.)
Easy-to-follow, step by step format. Streamlined instructions based on industry standards complimented with smart advice on promoting and promoting concerts learned over many years.
This concise fact-filled manual is hard to put down as one page after another leads you to a fast education on how to cover your bases and protect yourself. included, you read proposals, plans, media and personnel forms, rider contract, explanation of the sponsor process, sponsor proposal, operations timeline, talent offer sheet, performance contract, ticketing forms, press release format and how to send them, online and conventional marketing plans, how to figure your breakeven point, potential gross and net profit.You’ll use itemized cost and budget sheets, cost analysis, promoter's vocabulary, online and conventional marketing plans and methods. Hundreds of industry explanations and contacts!
This one book concentrates on concert promotions including: itemized budget sheets and revenue sheets, cost analysis, promoter’s vocabulary, hundreds of industry explanations and contacts. Learn how to buy media, talent, sound, stage and lights, security, venue, insurance, what type of ticketing to use and how the ticketing system works with plenty of ticket agencies suggested. You are shown the right sequence of events and what each staff member should be tasked. This manual enables you to promote a complete concert from start to finish…. with confidence.
 I just finished your book, How To Promote Concerts, Simplified. I must say, a provider of information to others as well, I am impressed by what you have put together. Very thorough, well written and easy to follow.   Dave, Promoter in NJ
Only available here, this full size format, 150 page book is all new for 2017. An incredible and hard-to-find compilation of concert and festival plans, proposals and contracts. This information is offered alone, and is not accompanied by any of the author’s notes or opinions about the information. You’ll have access to actual concert and music festival one sheet overviews, executive summaries, investor and venue contracts, vendor packets, sponsor proposal letters, investor proposals and more. This book is full of important documents every promoter wished they had in their reference library.
 I purchased Hal Davidson's book and I received a personal phone call with the purchase, which was awesome! He guided me through his book with verbal support and helped me with applications for future... Read More
Leonard Willis Atlanta
 Hal is one of the most inspirational people I have ever come in contact with. His decades of experience within the live entertainment industry is a treasure to all of us trying to figure out this business. I highly... Read More
Simon Kyriacou Australia
 Hal, I just finished reading your book How Not to Promote Concerts and Music Festivals, and I must say that it is a masterpiece. I learned a great deal from this book and I am eager to get into the concert... Read More
Donald Davidson Canada
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Be a Promoter
An entrepreneur who can operate professionally and honestly, in a high risk, high intensity, sometimes unfriendly environment. Someone capable of researching, planning and implementing not only quality marketing plans, but can simultaneously research, negotiate and execute all other event promotion and production components in order to earn a profit presenting live talent.Someone who wants to earn high income from hard work, solving problems daily.
A Promoter must have a burning desire to plan and execute events where the numbers, timing, venue and concept make sense. The entrepreneurial Promoter figures this plan out in advance. The Promoter's survival and success, is determined by the number of tickets sold. That success is ultimately selling out an event with no injuries, bad will or lawsuits. The Promoter is someone who is naturally drawn to bringing people together.
How To Promote Concerts - Abbreviated Order of Action
  1. Conceptualize your concert/ festival to suit a market based on thorough due diligence.
  2. The venue (building or location) determines most of the costs, research your venue options and know the costs involved with using that venue.
  3. After touring venue, reviewing cost with GM ask for the rental contract.
  4. Make a One Sheet (see book), describe the what, where, when of your event.
  5. Fully research (due diligence) market conditions, competition, venue options and artist’s history for the right winning formula. (PollstartPro artist research to know history of ticket sales, ticket prices, ticket gross).
  6. Write a marketing/ business plan making adjustments until marketing launch.
  7. For a festival, start on a 5-18 pg. festival plan changed as your intel changes.
  8. Figure your budget completing the 40+ concert costs/ 70+ festival costs Establish ticket prices based on other events and artist history.
  9. Based on the total of your budget, number and type of tickets and other revenue streams, figure the event breakeven point, ‘PG’ Potential Gross and profit potential. Make sure every cost is included (see book).
  10. Once the venue “avails” available dates are known and your budget says yes, contact agency or talent buyer and provide “Offer Form”.
  11. Put hold on dates at venue.
  12. Once Offer is accepted, contract venue and tender deposit.
  13. Previously, you would have researched ticketing options and costs. Contract ticketing company.
  14. Launch website and start social networks based on your marketing schedule.
  1. For fests, design Tshirts, buy merch, sell on website, then at event.
  2. For fests buy souvenirs, designs tee shirts, then sells merchandise at event.
  3. Contract food & beverage and arts & crafts vendors.
  4. Negotiate with and instruct contractors signing contracts (see book).
  5. Buy Insurance coverage, secures permit.
  6. Compile all sponsor assets or inventory, then only once artists are booked and website or social networks detail event and artists, solicit sponsors with sponsor Intro letter and then sponsor deck.
  7. Promote the event, Marketing Plan incl. ad buys (conventional and online), arranging promotions, street teams, conducting Public Relations and social network campaign. Only using an ad agency if events size warrants it.
  8. Supervise load-in and instruct security.
  9. Produce the show, hiring a stage manager and production contractors who "advance" and produce the show (ie. stage, sound, lights, stagehands, dressing room, hospitality, riders, ransportation, hotel, etc.).
  10. Ensure the rider contracts are complied with by the Production team.
  11. Monitor event checking security and audience.
  12. Count and account for all tickets and monies in box office.
  13. Complete Box Office settlement with ticketing company and/ or venue.
  14. Be present during load-out, ensuring non-ID people do not have access.
  15. Make sure everyone and all contractors are paid.
  16. Write a One Sheet review of financial and areas of improvement.
The above tasks are just a simplified overview of the intense job of being a concert promoter. The books go into far greater detail.
We thank the thousands of new and established promoters who have endorsed the book as the best source for planning and presenting live, staged entertainment for the performing arts. This one manual has saved countless people enormous amounts of aggravation and/ or financial loss. New promoters need the best, most informative view on promoting and producing concerts and music festivals, not an abbreviation or bits and pieces as other books offer. There are many cruel and ruthless tacticians in this business. You better know what to do, in advance, know how to spot their behavior.
 "I purchased your book, just wanted to let you know that yours was by far the best, and covered way more than the others."  -Florida Promoter
In the many years of expanding and improving this book and adding the CD, we have not had one request for a refund in almost 5,000 book sales. We never share email addresses or sell, broker or trade your information either. We do not have access to your credit card information, that is all encrypted through paypal.
This book is 100% Guaranteed as the best concert promotions manual available! Much of this information just can't be found anywhere else and it is explained so anyone can understand what is involved to promote. The market value of this industry specialty book is over $300. Yet it is priced to get it in the hands of many in need.
Hal Davidson has promoted loads of indoor and outdoor events, small and huge, and has served as a top marketing executive in many corporate marketing departments. Promoter of the largest bluegrass music festival in history, many rock concerts and music festivals, former Regional Marketing Director for Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus and Ice Follies and Holiday On Ice Combined Shows, Las Vegas Casino Promotions Director and scoring big success' in travel and Internet businesses. Hal consults concert and festival promoters daily worldwide who need direction and advice. In 2015, Hal is an active concert and festival producer and works in the business daily.
Important paperwork; lists, memos, plans, contracts, notes, files, forms and other collected valuable information and experience are now, all compiled into one concise instructional manual to help you understand how to promote like a professional. With your notes, this manual becomes your Promotions - Operations - Administration Workbook - your guide to professional implementation.
Any of these books will benefit YOU from intense and diversified experience from a real concert and festival promoter. He has won and lost big and is one of the only promoters you will find, willing to divulge the real and learned details of the business. Be prepared, read, learn and prosper!
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No other book anywhere contains the amount of detail and facts based on real promoter experience. Other “Promoting Books” make false claims, promises of instant riches and factual misinformation by faux-promoters. The reality is that the concert/ festival promotions business is a very detailed, demanding endeavor requiring careful study before embarking upon.
SBCA 2009, 2014 Best of Business Award
Recipient of the SBCA 2009, 2014 Best of Business Award. A program recognizing the best of small businesses throughout the country. Using federal, state, city & county government data and other research, the SBCA selection committee chooses the award winners that are believed to have demonstrated what makes small businesses a vital part of the American economy.
Hal Davidson and Concert Promotions wins 2016 American Economic Institute Award for Excellence.


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Manuals are printed on 8 1/2" x 11" doubled sided pgs. The larger manual is comb bound (similar to spiral), to open flat as a work book. The Simplified manual is thermal tape bound. You may copy particular pages for your use or for your group, but resale or publishing any material in these manuals is stricly prohibited. The larger manual additionally contains contracts and proposals pertaining to festivals. The Forms CD is the same for both books. The legal agreements and proposals are not on CD because they cannot be templated, they are shown in print only as a guide.
Not available in bookstores!
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