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   I purchased Hal Davidson's book and I received a personal phone call with the purchase, which was awesome! He guided me through his book with verbal support and helped me with applications for future challenges.

Leonard Willis Atlanta

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   Thanks for your concert promotion manual. I found it to be well written, comprehensive, and engaging and I feel I have a much better understanding of the business. Frankly, my expectations were exceeded.

Paul Martin Quebec

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   Hal is one of the most inspirational people I have ever come in contact with. His decades of experience within the live entertainment industry is a treasure to all of us trying to figure out this business. I highly recommend Hal from conception through to completion of any promoter's event as a consultant. At least do yourself a favour and purchase "How Not to Promote Concerts and Music Festivals" This information is invaluable!

Simon Kyriacou Australia

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   Hal, I just finished reading your book How Not to Promote Concerts and Music Festivals, and I must say that it is a masterpiece. I learned a great deal from this book and I am eager to get into the concert promotion business. Thank you for creating this book as it will give me guidance in my future events. Thank you.

Donald Davidson Canada

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   The ( concert-promotions ) book has enlightened my eyes on the importance of putting together good budget projections. Also, how to map out and plan step by step what to do, how to prioritize the necessary steps needed to plan an event from start to finish, utilize a check-off list and make sure my contracts, booking agreements, permits, insurance, etc., are inclusive of the necessary documents needed for commitments for such events.

I find the book invaluable. You really can't put a prize tag on it because you, in a nutshell, mapped everything out for us future promoters. You've basically given us a blueprint to follow and if we do what you have suggested step by step, no doubt we will have a successful event everytime and become the promoter we truely want to be.

I thank you for sharing your knowledge. Even though I have some experience and have promoted 2 concerts in the past, the book puts everything in perspective. Sometimes we know what to do but don't necessarily understand what should be done first. We either do things out of order which can be a strain or we forget to get certain documents needed, (dated and signed) and take someone's word for something and that certainly can turn out to be a disaster.

As a result of thoroughly reviewing and reading the book, I now know and understand the importance of planning. What should be done first, the importance of budgeting, the importance of a marketing plan. This book is basically a working bible for my business. I take it wherever I go to make sure I have all the bases covered when I am speaking on such items as; security requirements, venue rentals, insurance, budgets, and advertising for radio & television.

Whatever is required and needed in the business of promoting, it's covered in your book. In all honesty, as a women trying to compete in this industry and in addition, being a minority women, as a result of having this wonderful tool you've developed, I feel more confident and feel like I can conquer anything and walk out of a meeting in control. When I speak with potential investors, regarding my project proposals I know I will get a positive response. My project proposals look more professional and are more likely to be funded as a result of this dynamic tool. Everything an investor could possible wonder about or ask about is covered and their questions are answered before they can even ask them.

The book is a jewel, priceless, I never leave home without it, right now it is my crutch. I can't say thank you enough.

Darlene LaVonne Washington-Hunt

California Promoter

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   The book's great, tons of information that I sorta knew but I realize that everything is a "make sure you cover your ass type situation". There is more than enough info there to put on a successful concert. Very informative and you shouldn't take a bath on the event if you follow it.

Bill Horde, Canadian Promoter

"This is a solid reference manual"

Pema Browne, Literary Agent

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   It is quite clear that a great deal of work has gone into this how-to regarding the proper running of concerts and festivals. We very much enjoyed studying it from the standpoint of what not to do and, if you did do it, how to get yourself out of it.

Terry Dawson,

The ABACUS Group Literary Agency

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   I am really thrilled that I bought your book and would very soon buy the complete version from you. SO THANK YOU for bringing us a book that is so valuable and important to promoters like us – I have taken note and heeded all your warnings. You are truly wonderful – Thank you Hal with people like you behind me and giving me the confidence and preparing me the worst and best, will make this journey an exciting, eventful and hopefully financially successful for all involved.

I will keep you posted and abreast of all the happening and maybe who knows we may be able to work together on a project for South Africa in the very near future. Stay as wonderful as you are always and I do wish you every success in all your endeavours for 2011.

Bev Pryde WO! Comm & Events



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